How the Government Shutdown Explains Mean Girls Basically Exactly.

You may have seen posts explaining how Mean Girls can explain the government shutdown. But what if you’re familiar with the shutdown–but not the Popular Movie Mean Girls? Don’t worry–just let these handy pictures and captions explain it all, and you’ll soon be quoting with the best of them!

Some of the government is being “mean,” much like the Mean Girls in the hit movie Mean Girls.


 During the shutdown, some men (Republicans) sat down at a table–just like in one of the cafeteria scenes in Mean Girls, where they are also sitting at a table. You might say the Republicans behind the table are like the Mean Girls, who also sat behind a table. 


The government was shut down during October 3rd, a day that is considered a holiday in the Mean Girls universe. Wow, it’s like they’re basically exactly the same! 

October 3rd

Sen. Ted Cruz cannot filibuster all day–much like in Mean Girls, where the administrators cannot keep students after a certain time (4 pm).

Members of Congress frequently call each other “boo whores” much like in the movie Mean Girls.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are like the fat gay guy and Lizzy Caplan, stars of Mean Girls. It’s crazy how similar they are in character & plot. 

Obama is more like a different Mean Girl, or maybe an administrator at the school of the Mean Girls.

Ted Cruz is basically exactly like Mean Girl Miley Cyrus. 

There you have it, and now you can be an expert in both Mean Girls and government policy.

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