Let’s Un-Fav World Hunger: Tips from a Social Media Guru

As a social media editor, I spend a lot of my time hungry: for information, for new connections, for retweets and favorites from my loyal audience. But did you know that out there in the world, millions of people are literally hungry?

It’s easy to forget, but as someone who has to constantly be aware of what’s going on in the world, it’s something I just can’t ignore. I’ve seen at least four infographics about it, and that’s four infographics too many.

And the solution to this might be simpler than we think, but it’s got to start at the source: I’m talking about farmers.

Look, I’m not an expert. But I know about social media, and it seems to me that everything I know could be easily translated into farming in a way that would completely solve problems with food distribution and effectively end world hunger, forever.

It’s pretty simple: farmers need to focus on their content curation. Enough with all the corn, let’s start sharing something a little more interesting!

Let me give an example: when I started tweeting, I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing. It was all just brunch pictures and my thoughts about Homeland. For some reason I wasn’t getting much good feedback, even though I had suckling pig eggs benedict and a bloody mary with a tiny burger garnish.

But when I started thinking of myself not as someone with my own content and opinions, but as someone who could curate, package, and share news, that’s when I really started to blow up–now at 984 followers and counting.

That really got me thinking about farmers. Why can’t farmers just do the same? Plant food that people actually want to eat, and then there will be less wasted food. While corn and soy might be popular in the middle of the country for some reason, most people around the world would prefer better food like heirloom tomatoes, vintage kale, and ombré broccoli.

Another key point of social media is the tone of the content you post (or farm!). It should be all about just making people feel good, which is why I try to include words like “funtacular,” “joysplosive” or “happtastic,” even if it’s about something sad. Try to inject a little more whimsy into your farming! It’ll make the vegetables taste better.

For farmers, this also means staying away from toxic things like Monsanto! As dozens of tweets will tell you, Monsanto is a gross company. They are definitely the worst, and should be avoided! They are basically like the opposite of Upworthy!

The problem is that Monsanto isn’t a natural, organic way to spread plants. Just like you can’t just steal another person’s tweets and not credit them, you shouldn’t plant vegetables that don’t naturally reproduce. That’s just gross. Nature already has a natural retweet button.

Finally, share.  If farmers gave away their food the way that we give away our thoughtfully curated content, then the world would be a better place. That goes for the privileged AND the under-privileged. Maybe some sort of paywall, but for food? But for those who couldn’t afford the paywall, you could just get the food for free. Because here’s an idea we can all fav: everyone should eat.

Cassie Schackowski-Brimley is a social media guru and writer for Upworthful Online Publication located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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