Inspirational Paula Deen Quotes About Being A Young Racist

Paula Deen

1) People are gonna get mad at you. That’s fine, let them be mad. Just know that anger is the main course – the dessert is people just accepting the fact that you say the n-word. 

2) They say racism is ignorance. But being in your twenties is all about ignorance. It’s about embracing ignorance and finding yourself somewhere adrift in a sea of n-words and theme restaurants. 

3) Do I say the n-word? I mean, of course I do. I say a lot of things, though. The n-word is only a small fraction of the things I say. Think of words like ingredients. Let’s say you had a cake recipe that was mostly chocolate, and just a pinch of the n-word. It would still be chocolate cake! You wouldn’t say, “hey, check out this nigger cake I just made!”

4) Don’t feel bad about relying on your parents for financial support. Despite what older generations want to tell you – they did the same thing. Besides, it’s mostly the presidents fault for being black.

5) You shouldn’t worry about what offends other people. You’re young, figure out what offends you. For example, lets say you’re putting something in the oven and you make a holocaust joke. Might bother some Jewish people, but guess what – you’re not out of the oven yourself, you’re still baking. 

6) Your twenties is an emotional roller coaster. You’re ecstatic one minute and then horribly depressed the next. Let’s say you find yourself in a rut that you can’t get out of, just know that you’ll be happy again soon enough. What I’m saying is the south will rise again. 

7) Youth is the worst time for resources, but the best time for ingenuity. When I was a young chef I was so broke. One time I didn’t have a robe, so I wore cheese cloth to a Klan rally. I couldn’t get next to the cross because I was worried I would ignite, but that didn’t stop me from being present. 

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